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Projekt wnętrza mieszkania - wykonanie: Agnieszka Szyposzyńska


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MY ARCHITECT  is the author's studio of M.Sc. arch. Agnieszka Szyposzyńska

A graduate of architecture at the Krakow University of Technology, for many years she has been gaining experience in studios in Krakow and Gdańsk, designing large-scale architecture: office buildings, schools, residential buildings, but interior design has always been her closest.


Interior design is a journey into the world of human needs, preferences and dreams. It is a visualization of the client's needs and expectations. Their implementation is the priority of our team's activities. We start each project with what you need and how you live your daily life, so that the space designed for you is "made to measure"

The acquired knowledge in the field of designing various spaces, both residential and public, cooperation with many industry professionals, creativity and awareness of the importance of beauty, allow us to create individual interiors. We try to get as much out of the space entrusted to us as possible. 






Our offer includes interior designs, multi-sector construction projects, along with obtaining a building permit (often necessary when designing cafes, medical offices or public utility spaces). We work with many contractors and suppliers.

In my cooperation with clients, I propose different versions of using my help.

  1st version - includes a conceptual design with proposals for permanent elements such as: floors, tiles, bathroom fittings, doors, lamps - in the form of concept boards. During conversations with you, we choose the inspiration and style in which to work. A functional concept of the interior is created, containing several characteristic wall plans, e.g. for bathrooms or kitchens. Sometimes this version is enough for an efficient construction team or carpenters. In the conceptual design, I suggest colors or the nature of the interior in the form of inspiration, photos in the download link, or moodboards.

2nd version  - includes an executive design, extended in relation to version 1 minimum  o 3D visualizations in Sketchup (photorealistic visualizations are additionally ordered), layout of unusual furniture or fittings, designs of kitchen furniture, libraries, other unusual solutions, combined with  a visit to a carpenter with a discussion of the construction design and selection of material samples. This version includes specific materials selected together, as well as counted quantities and material lists: floors, tiles, bathroom fittings, doors, lamps with prices and discounts for my clients. The price also includes a proposal of furniture that fits the interior in the form of inspiration or moodboards or ready-made products, e.g. from websites with links to stores where you can buy the furniture.

3rd version  - includes an executive design with purchases extended compared to version 2 with "movable" equipment, i.e. with furniture, curtains, decorations - this is the version in which we decide about every thing, we do shopping together. I supervise the construction and prepare the premises for living.


tel: 881-685-626

80-462 Gdańsk, ul. Meissner 19B / 4

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